• Window Graphics

    Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

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    An impressive lobby sign that feature your logo are a must for every organization. They make up a fundamental part of interior branding to create a professional atmosphere.

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    Wall graphics take up little to no space and don’t require mounting in the case of decals. They can be applied to any smooth surface to display images and quotes of any kind.

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    Location identification signs are the back bone of ongoing communication, a versatile product produced in any size and design. Get custom warehouse signs perfect for your business.

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    Directory boards and directional signage enable your customers to find the right person in the right place. Clear signage, including internal door and wall signs, cubicle names, opening hours and directional signs will guide your clients to where you want them.

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    Sometimes known as floor decals, our custom printed floor graphics work great in commercial spaces, the office or at home. Printed on a durable, removable and scratch-resistant vinyl.

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Exterior Signs

We Offer An Array of Exterior Signage

Make your business stand out with a custom built illuminated or non-illuminated channel letter sign. Feathers Signs, Printing & Wraps offers many options to fit your budget.

What is Channel Letter Signage?

Channel letters are made of plastic or metal and used as exterior signage on commercial or public buildings. They are often lit internally. Unlit 3D letters are also applied to panels and called dimensional letters. A channel letter is any number, letter or character used in the sign. The major parts of channel letters are the face, return, back, and lighting element. The returns, or letter sides, are made of aluminum sheeting. The face and back are usually acrylic but can also be aluminum, or nonexistent. Because they are highly flexible, channel letters signs are available in an array of colors, fonts, and sizes.

What are they made of?

For face-lit channel letters, the illumination is impacted by the lighting material  — LED or neon — and the face material color and material, which is typically acrylic or polycarbonate. The illumination color is also influenced by the vinyl covering, if applicable. The channel letter’s acrylic face is attached to the can via a trim cap.

Trim cap is the world’s most popular signage material. It’s made of top-quality aluminum coated with plastic or anodized, making it elastic and seamless. Trim cap is used to attach the sign face to the body of each letter via a liquid bonding agent.

Return, Backs & Light Source

The return creates, the enclosed channel that this type of signage is named for, and refers to the depth of the channel letter. The most common depths range from 3-8 inches, which are subject to the signage criteria in your city or county or in your lease agreement in a commercial property.

Computer-driven bending and shaping machines form the character needed for a particular design. The aluminum sheeting can be painted in standard colors or customized with branding-specific shades or PMS (Pantone Matching System). PMS is coveted by industries that need long-lasting, professional-grade results for graphic arts.

The back of the channel letter uses router-cut aluminum sheeting that is available in a variety of thicknesses. The aluminum thickness will depend on the size of letters.

You can choose illuminated or non-illuminated signage. Where lease agreements and local authorities permit illuminated signage, it’s the most effective for drawing attention to the business. Almost all internally-illuminated channel letters use LED illumination, due to its energy efficiency and cost savings when compared to neon lights.

Types of Channel Letter Signage

  • Front Lit or Face-Illuminated
  • Back-Lit or Halo-Illuminated
  • Combination Lit Front/Back Illuminated

Mounting Options

There are three main mounting options, including raceway mounts, direct or flush mounts, and backer mounts.

Raceway Mount

A raceway mount features a metal box with a power supply and electrical wiring for each letter. These are popular in commercial buildings where property managers require channel letters to be installed on a raceway, which reduces the structural impact of signage by requiring fewer holes in the wall. Raceways are often painted to match the building façade to minimize the distraction.

Direct Mount or Flush Mount

When letters are mounted onto the façade using a pattern, it’s called flush mount or direct mount channel signage. They are attached using non-corrosive fasteners. This option is popular with reverse channel letters, where direct mounting with standoff spacers achieves the unique lighting effect. The power supply and wiring connecting the letters are installed behind the facade or bulkhead of the building.

Backer Mount

Backer mounts feature channel letters attached to a backer panel or metal cabinet that’s larger than the channel letters. The cabinet sometimes houses the wiring and power supply or it can be installed behind the building’s facade or bulkhead.

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